Welcome to Frontline Media

Frontline Media is a growing professional creative design agency. At Frontline Media, we work closely with our valued customers to increase their brand visibility through effective graphic design, website development and application development.

We strive to provide quality work on all the projects we undertake and use innovative methods that add value to our clients branding needs while remaining affordable.

Because all organizations are different, Frontline Media endeavour to understand your business and create a corporate identity that is reflective of your organisation’s character and ethos. We are a tool to turn your ideas and thoughts into practical communication that is visually coherent with your corporate identity.

Welcome to Frontline Media

Frontline Media was established in 2010.Our team has over 15 years experience in the graphic design and website development field. We are holistic organization founded on service excellence ideology, focusing on servicing small and medium-sized businesses to execute their brand management successfully. We are a 100% black owned company and proud Level 1 BBBEE contributor.

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Each week we work on exciting projects. Check out some of our latest work.
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Our Services

We offer much more than logo design. Our creative team will build a strong identity implemented consistently across all your communications to ensure that your business conveys the right message to your audience – all-important in building a successful brand.
We believe that your brand image is one of your strongest assets. It is a tool that communicates the essence of your business and what you inspire to. Getting the basic foundation right will ensure cohesive presentation for all your material.

We create beautiful engaging websites which are tailored for our clients’ different needs. Websites are critical for any business as they are, at most times your first communication to your client. Our specialty is building these digital profiles which are interactive and critical to the presentation of the business.
Our new focus is creating responsive websites which are a modern way of design, enabling your site to be beautifully integrated across multiple devices. Our team plans, designs, and develops responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic. Responsive websites ensure that your business is prepared for the future web.
We provide a customizable robust scalable solution with an intuitive and flexible CMS interface.

Frontline Media can partner with you to create applications that can better enhance your business function. We are able to create different types of applications and tailor them to suit your organisations requirement. We have worked with a number of organisation to create applications in data collection and analysis and other varyimg business applications. We are also able to adapt the applications to be able to run on the various mobile applications.

Our team also develops functional web forms and applucations that can add intractivity on your website. This is essential for buiness requirements like client feedbacks, interactions, surveys, polls or any other reason data would need to be collected and analyzed.

We are leaders in signage design and manufacture. We are constantly seeking to build binding continuous relationships with organisations seeking signage services and related services. Our offering is coupled with other branding services which include printing and promotional gifts. Our mission is to provide companies with comprehensive support and continuous capabilities through:
Effective Sign Design
Continuous signage maintenance.
Signage services consultancy.
Signage manufacture
Signage Installation.

Copy, Digital Printing, Poster Printing, Flyers Printing, Business Cards Printing, Brochures and Company Profile, NCR Invoice Books, NCR Receipt Books, Large Format Printing!

Quality prints every time! We understand that beautiful designs have to be presented professionally. We have a range of quality printers to handle projects of any size. We are able to process jobs which require a fast turn around using our digital print resources. We halso have lithographic printing services for affordable bulk printing. Our printing services even include large format printing and other sorts of priniting. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your projects are handled from inception to completiion inhouse!

Our company also focusses on domain registrations and webhosting. We have enterprise servers that willl deliver blazing fast website hosting and email services. Need a custom business email? Look no further we are your guys. Trust us for fast and reliable domain registration and hosting.

We also pride ourselves in being able to deliver awesome customer support to our clients. We will guide you from registering your domain name, picking a suitable web hosting package and also configuring your services on whatever device you intend to use. With round the clock support, you dont have to worry we will be there to assist in whatever problems you may encounter. Try us today!

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